We are always looking for new participants who have at least intermediate proficiency in Mandarin to join us. We welcome participants from all over the world who are interested in connecting with others through a common passion for learning Mandarin. Typically, our participants fall in one of the following categories:

Those who have lived in a Mandarin-speaking region



Originally from France, Sonia has been passionate about Chinese culture, history and arts since the age of 3. She completed a Bachelor of Chinese Studies at INALCO Paris and did a semester of Chinese at BLCU in Beijing. Upon graduation, Sonia moved to Xiamen for 4.5 years, teaching English and working as translator and interpreter in the fashion industry. She then moved on to teaching French and Francophone Literature and Humanities at the University of Xiamen. Sonia now lives in Australia and attends 中文之友会 in the hope of reviving her Chinese language skills. She thoroughly enjoys chatting in Chinese with likeminded people in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Those who use Mandarin for work



As lover of languages from the US, Allie started out studying Spanish and German in high school, but ended up majoring in Chinese Language and Literature at university. During her university studies, she had the opportunity to live in China for 8 months based out of Shanghai. Upon graduation, Allie took her love for Chinese forward into my career as a Supply Chain Business Analyst in the APAC region. Now Allie gets to use Chinese to help consult with Chinese customers and partners on business solutions. Allie hopes to work in China or Taiwan one day to deepen her journey with the language and the wonderful people who speak it!

Those studying Mandarin at a university level



Born and bred in Melbourne, Sam started learning Mandarin in high school by chance of choice and have enjoyed learning it ever since. For Sam, the Chinese classes at school were never ‘just another class’, they became something he eagerly awaited and felt passionate about. Having just begun his university degree in Commerce, Sam has opted in to study Chinese as an elective pathway with the intention of being able to utilise it in his future career.

Those who have Chinese heritage but not Mandarin as a dominant language


Rayner 陈学文

Rayner is a software engineer in Singapore, where he grew up primarily speaking English in school and at work. At home however, he speaks mainly Mandarin with substituted English vocabulary, but was never fully fluent. This left him wanting to hone the ability to express himself fully in both languages. Driven by a desire to connect with his ancestral roots, he looks for opportunities to learn about and embrace his culture.